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  • What is included when I purchase a Property Website?
    Our Property Website pricing includes the initial setup of the website, 1 year hosting fees, and 1 year custom domain name registration. You also get access to your own dashboard that will allow you to update photos, edit your description, and change the price as needed.
  • Can I put Videos on the Website?
    Yes! You can choose to put the Video as your home page or it can be incorporated in the website.
  • How do I send the photos for the property?
    Most of the time you can send a dropbox or wetransfer link that the Photographer sent you. If you have another way of transferring the photos just let us know and we will figure it out.
  • What should I use for the custom domain name?
    Most of our clients use the street address or the condo building and unit number like the following examples. ( or
  • What are hosting fees and how much are they?
    Hosting fees pay for space and services on a webhosting provider's server (ex. Wix and wordpress). We include 1 year of hosting fees when you purchase a website from us.
  • How long is the website and domain name active on the internet?
    The website and domain name will be active for 1 year from the date of purchase. If it's a group purchase then the 1 year starts from the date each website is activated. If you need the website for more than one year just contact us through our contact page and we will make that happen for you.
  • Can I embed 3D Matterport Tours on the websites?
    Yes! Just send us the branded and MLS ready links and we will take it from there!
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